YOKOMO – Super Drift SD 2.0 Kit – Limited Release (Red)

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YOKOMO – Super Drift SD 2.0 Kit – Limited Release (Red)

This is a limited edition version of the SD2.0 chassis kit, which is preferred by expert drivers for its high expandability and wide range of settings, and has been given a bright purple anodized finish. Although the parts composition is the same as the conventional SD2.0, the main aluminum parts have been subjected to color hard alumite processing, creating a unique machine.

In addition to the eye-catching shock tower and damper cap, the steering area, upper deck post, front and rear suspension mounts, and most importantly, the rear bulkhead and bulk cap are dyed with colored alumite, making the color more appealing than ever. Already released aluminum bumper supports and front bulkheads can also be installed, allowing you to create an even more original machine.

  • Variable transmission with selectable positive torque (4 gears) and counter torque (3 gears)
  • High-precision aluminum rear bulkhead
  • Access to the differential by simply removing and removing the rear bulk cap
  • Rear traction can be adjusted by differential height adjustment
  • Separate chassis structure allows for bulkhead height changes
  • Servo mount closer to the rear to achieve a 3:7 weight balance
  • Ackermann ratio setting with improved operability due to new steering block
  • New lightweight slide rack
  • Increases rear traction New rear hub carrier


* The photo is an assembly reference example.

Graphite double-deck chassis designed with the rear load in mind for drift driving.

The front section deliberately adopts a resin bulkhead. By finishing the front part in a light weight, it has acquired a moderate front ground feeling and turning performance.

Newly designed steering block to optimize the Ackermann ratio and increase the steering angle

The lightweight slide rack rail held by 3 bearings also contributes to the weight reduction of the front. The steering response is enhanced and the handling is sharp.

Maximum cutting angle is achieved as standard in the kit, and it also supports deep drift angles. Almost parallel Ackermann ratio allows smooth driving even on low grip roads such as P tiles

A servo is mounted near the rear via the steering link crank. In addition to this, it also supports the conventional bell crank system and front inverted servo installation.

The main chassis has an overall slim silhouette. There is also a large amount of meat removed, giving it an overall supple characteristic.

The main chassis and the rear end of the upper deck are separated, increasing the degree of freedom in setting the rear section. Easy to maintain.

The running battery is for short size Li-po only. The battery is placed at the rear end to increase the rear load and gain traction. Weight distribution is 3:7 in the rear, which is suitable for RWD drift cars.

Designed to mount the motor high on the rear axle to maximize rear tire traction. The motor position can be rotated around the spur gear axis.

The aluminum bulkhead has high precision and achieves high drive efficiency. By changing the gears, you can choose between 3 gears (positive torque) and 4 gears (counter torque).

A new rear hub carrier with a revised setting that allows for more aggressive roll by reviewing the relationship between the axle and suspension pin position.

A suspension that combines a standard aluminum height-adjustable oil damper with a spring specifically designed for drifting. The rear is equipped as standard with a progressive spring that absorbs vibrations and improves the feeling of ground contact.

What you need to run the assembly kit

  • 2-channel radio set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo)
  • Battery (Li-po 2 cell, square short size)
  • Charger, 1:10 size drift tires
  • The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries, pinion gear, and other R/C electrics.


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