VBC WildFire D06 1:10 Competition Car Kit

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VBC WildFire D06 1:10 Competition Car Kit

The WildFireD06 is an all new platform, designed to increase traction, improve flex points, improve weight distribution, and center of gravity.

  1. All-new 7075 motor mount design, moving the motor more centerline and forward increasing corner speed and overall agility of the car. Making this the most centerline touring car on the market. 
  2. All-new 7075 motor mount can incorporate a wider range of gear ratios from 21.5 up to modified classes
  3. All-new chassis and upper deck providing more linear flex response and better weight balance
  4. All-new redesigned front and rear A-arms to be much stronger but still lightweight
  5. All-new 7075 roll bar mount for smoother response and easier adjustments
  6. All-new 4mm thick lowered graphite shock towers improving CG
  7. All-newly designed 'True Big Bore' shocks (TBB). Shorter shock shafts, bigger shock body diameter keeping the volume the same as original shocks
  8. All-new TBB springs with 4 different rates (optional)
  9. All-new redesigned 7075 lower bulkheads which are lighter in weight and stronger in durability by using our new manufacturing process
  10. All-new upper camber link position for more linear cornering response
  11. All new 7075 aluminium ball connectors
  12. Front 2-piece joint drive axles included
  13. All-new lightweight 7075 aluminium centerline servo mount included
  14. High quality Panaracer 116T spur gear included

Say hello to the best Wildfire yet, the VBC Wildfire D06.

The Arms and other plastics on Wildfire D06 have been reformulated to increase durability and hardness while remaining lightweight.

A floating servo mount is affixed directly at the chassis centerline to improve the flex symmetry of the Wildfire D06.  This once optional part has been redesigned and improved for the D06 and is constructed of high-grade 7075 aluminum.

The profile of the Wildfire D06 provides an overview of some of refinements made including the all-new servo mount, motor mount, layshaft, shock towers and Panaracer spur gear.

The 4mm quasi weave carbon fiber shock towers have been designed to withstand most any impact while offer more precise suspension response due to the stiffer towers.

The layshaft has been redesigned and is no longer affixed to the upper deck.  This floating design allows the chassis to generate additional flex and increase cornering speeds.


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