IRIS ONE – Competiton Touring Car Kit (Linear Flex Alu Chassis) (Pre-order only!)

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IRIS ONE – Competiton Touring Car Kit (Linear Flex Alu Chassis) (Pre-order only!)

The Iris ONE touring car is the first competition car kit fully developed and designed by RUDDOG. Project lead designer Andreas Myrberg implemented countless novel and revolutionary features into the all-new Iris ONE.

Featuring a unique pushrod design with torsion springs and a single-lever rotational shocks, the centre-of-gravity is super low, thus improving overall performance. Combined with sturdy double wishbones, the high-performance suspension package ensures fast and consistent lap times run after run. Moreover, the newly developed pitch and heave shock improves handling under braking and high speed cornering.

Together with an ultra-narrow bulkhead design, the efficient three-belt drive train results in perfect weight balance. With three identical belts, less belt tension is required than with a conventional two-belt set-up.

Many unique details, such as an optional direct-mount aluminium fan, have been integrated into the design of Iris ONE to give you an edge over the competition.

  • Unique torsion spring design
  • Single lever rotational shocks
  • Pushrod suspension
  • Double wishbone design; identical arms on all four corners
  • Revolutionary pitch and heave shock system
  • Efficient low friction three-belt drive train
  • Ultra narrow bulkhead design
  • Steering assembly with easily adjustable Ackermann geometry
  • Adjustable track width with inserts
  • Sturdy and fully adjustable suspension
  • Carbon chassis
  • Optional direct-mount aluminium high-speed fan


Due to ongoing R&D, photos may not match the final kit. The shown vehicle is equipped with battery, electronics, wheels, pinion, spur gear and servo arm that are NOT included in the kit.


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