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X-Hydro 49" - 1250mm (ARTR) from Arrow Shark
Fri frakt - Leveringstid ca. 14 dager!

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    X-Hydro 49" (1250mm) from Arrow Shark  (ARTR) - Fri frakt - Leveringstid ca. 14 dager!   -

    Racing into 2013 is Arrow Shark Ultimate Version of our hugely successful X-Hydro. This dynamic 49 inch race boat now packs the power of Arrow Shark latest XP254M engine along with a full array of precisely machined hardware. The contemporary style of the X-Hydro will never lose its appeal, while its performance can take on any competition and deliver unmatched excitement and success for its owner and driver.    

    Specification (included):

    - 49" (1250mm) X-Hydro (2013 Ultimate Version)
    - Overall Length: 49 Inches - 1250mm (Including Rudder)
    - Beam: 23 Inches (584mm)
    - Engine: Billet XP254M II (6.5+HP 2.56 ft-lb Torque)

    - M-39 Pro Mod Barrel Carb
    - Aluminum Display Stand
    - Prop: AS7020/3 SBP - (Sharpened,Balanced,Polished) 

    The brilliant colors and graphics are factory-applied and for 2013 Arrow Shark have upgraded to the latest technology automotive paints. However, the most dramatic enhancement for this 2013 Ultimate Version is the installation of the awesome new version of the 6.5+hp billet-machined XP254M that now comes fitted with Arrow Shark M-39 Pro-mod barrel type carburetor. Totally redesigned for 2013, the XP254M V2 power-plant produces 6.5+hp with 2.58 ft-lbs of torque at 18,500+ rpm on-the-water; this performance matches or exceeds all but the most heavily modified racing engines available in the market. Even so, the XP254M V2 remains easy to start and tune, and has a steady idle with smooth, reliable running. 

    To make the most of the superior design in the XP254M V2, Arrow Shark have designed and produced a new Wrap-To-Flush exhaust header for a shorter tuned pipe length in order to deliver the full rpm and power potential of the engine. Add the efficiency of a collet direct-drive system and the included AS7020/3 high pitch factory-balanced prop, and you will have your X-Hydro easily achieving its peak power and streaking across the lake! 

    Equipped with a fully adjustable CNC turn fin with an hydro-dynamically efficient curved blade, the X-Hydro is suitable only for those owners who are ready for dynamite speeds and unlimited fun!

    NB! You need your own radiosystem