Hobbynox – White RC Racing Car Spray (150 ml)

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Hobbynox – White RC Racing Car Spray (150 ml)

Hobbynox RC Racing Car paint have been specially developed for the painting Polycarbonate bodies. The special solvent used in it etches the surface, allowing the paint to bond permanently with the bodyshell.

  • Fuel resistant to most R/C car fuels
  • Big spray can – 150 ml
  • Robust – extreme adhesion and highly flexible withstands crashes and rough head-to-head races
  • Dries fast – Shortest drying time for quick and better results
  • Special spray noozle for an even and perfect paint finish

Hobbynox™ White Color Tips:

  • If possible when you want white to be a main color with added other stronger colors, please mask the bodyshell so that you will paint the white lastly. If not you can back the white with silver so the other colors dont bleed through as much.
  • White is also needed as a backing color to ALL Hobbynox™ Neon colors as they are somewhat transparent and they need to be backed with white to become neon bright.
  • Also the Yellow and Red Hobbynox™ colors become noticeably more bright if backed with white – we recommend it highly!
  • Normally three thin layers are needed of white. If you use it to cover another color usually two thin layers are needed.


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