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ARROWMAX - Alu Servo Horns 25T Black Golden

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    Arrowmax - Alu Servo Horns 25T Black Golden 

    Arrowmax is announcing the release for all Yokomo users with its #Medius Mid motor conversion kit. Using the vehicle in mid-motor mode will increase steering, traction and cornering speed while also making the car easier to drive fast. The chassis conversion is available as 2.25mm carbon fibre or 2.0mm alloy chassis variant, a 2.0mm carbon fibre upper deck, a 7075 alloy single-piece motor mount, redesigned 7075 centre pulleys as well as a chassis stiffener that enables the owner to access different chassis flex settings. The kit, that is usable with specification for both BD8 and BD9 cars, is available from now on. AM-910003 (Carbon edition) AM-910004 (7075 alloy edition)   

     You can now fine-tune your car’s traction by trimming your rims using Arrowmax latest offer. By removing materials from the rims, you are effectively soften them and make it flex more under load, this in-turn will improve traction. Especially useful when you got caught in-between different tyre hardness. Come in our signature Honeycomb design.