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Reedy Sonic 540 Mach 2 4.0 Modified

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    Reedy Sonic 540 Mach 2 4.0 Modified

    Reedy’s return to the competition motor scene with the Sonic 540 was hugely successful on the track and showroom floor. Countless race wins at both the international and club level have proven the motor to be both powerful and reliable. Now, thanks to racing team and customer input, Reedy is proud to introduce the Sonic 540 Mach 2.

    Small modifications were made to the already competitive package to enhance performance, reliability and user-friendliness. A new alloy end cap replaces the plastic version to prevent accidental timing movement and to provide better bearing alignment. Strategically placed vent holes are now slightly smaller to reduce the chance of debris entering the motor while still maintaining excellent airflow. Internal changes include new bearing sizes to increase maximum RPM and to improve reliability, and silver-plated solder tabs reduce power-robbing resistance.

    The precision-balanced high-strength sintered rotor remains the same as in the original model with a variety of optional rotors available to fine-tune for specific applications and tracks. New 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 models are now available for greater fine-tuning for specific conditions.

    Several models for both stock and modified racing are available and all meet ROAR, EFRA, and IFMAR specifications.


    • Lightweight design
    • Optimized air flow
    • Dual precision ball bearings
    • High-strength balanced sintered rotor
    • Adjustable timing with alloy end cap
    • Silver-plated solder tabs
    • Completely rebuildable
    • Competition proven
    • 200mm sensor wire
    • Ultra smooth, sensored operation
    • Built to ROAR, EFRA, and IFMAR specs


    Cells: 2S LiPo, 6-cell NiMH
    Diameter: 35.8mm
    Length: 52.9mm
    Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
    Weight: 175-185g