YOKOMO – BL-PRO4D Drift Spec Blushless speed controller (BL-PRO4DA)

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YOKOMO – BL-PRO4D Drift Spec Blushless speed controller

Team Yokomo’s Takahiro tunes based on BL-PRO4, which is the most powerful and popular among experts in the BL series of brushless speed controllers. Standard data is set so that it can be the best match for both 2WD and 4WD.

RC Drift This is a recommended gem that has never been commercialized by all the team Yokomo who knows all about the characteristics of his car. First of all, in order to make it easier to control the drift angle during cornering, the throttle characteristics in the low rev range are set to mild, and the boost is raised from the medium speed range to produce a powerful swing and turn. Powerful drift is possible for anyone while maintaining ease of handling. Get a higher level of control and enjoy the fun of RC drift.

In addition, the PRO4D case is made of full aluminum with high cooling efficiency, and a special design with drift spec laser engraving is adopted on both sides. Equipped with a cooling fan for perfect cooling.


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