Car Stand & Part Box in one

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Adjustable Compartments!

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Car Stand and Tool Box for cars – with Adjustable Compartments

The primary design objective was to create a solid and tunable substrate to perform the simple task of steadily supporting a model car. In keeping with tradition it is also flexible in scope to accommodate larger cars and be multi function device if possible, hence why not integrate a storage box into the design and then improve on it some more.

It would not be the first tool box used as a car stand. What makes this special is the atention to detail, the dual purpose design addresses the key elements of sorting and selecting a variety of components and providing a sturdy base to function as a chassis support for suspended servicing. Each function has been designed with practicality in mind, to enhance and improve the experience of using this item.

Firmly sealed and closed, it is unlikely to remain idle. The special sponge pads and the sturdy base of the item invites all types of chassis. Compact modular storage is a modern lifestyle necessity, doubled up and twice the storage, having an extra box is a logical choice, the more modules you have, the better it is.


• 14.8 x 12.4 x 2.2cm
• Lightweight and compact
• Modular design / stackable
• Multi-function / dual purpose
• Special sponge pads for chassis grip
• Two fixed segments and four extra mod
• Rigid and sturdy, made with resilient PP
• Ramped segments for easy piece selection


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