ZooRacing BayBee 1:10 Touring Body – 0.5mm

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ZooRacing BayBee 1:10 Touring Body – 0.5mm

The BAYBEE body shell for 190mm touring cars is ZooRacing’s high performance touring car lid. It is basically an evolution of the ultra-popular DBX with a comparable roof line and design, however the slightly stretched roof reduces aerodynamic drag, resulting in higher corning speeds, something especially stock class racers will be looking for. New for the BAYBEE is also a longer and rounder front end shape for increased corner speeds under power, allowing for precise handling especially in larger corners while reducing tyre scrub at the same time which further helps to maintain high speeds and smooth cornering. All this comes without sacrificing low-speed steering with the BAYBEE offering razor-sharp steering response in technical parts of the track. Compared to the already low-profile appearance of the DBX, the BAYBEE features a once more lowered shoulder line, hood and trunk section allowing to substantially to mount the body lower on the chassis, resulting in a once more lowered overall center of gravity.


  • CAD designed
  • Specialized LCG body shell with a more realistic design and less aerodynamic drag
  • Long, low, and yet realistic front end with sculptured hood and grille details
  • Updated DBX-style roof section for less aerodynamic drag and higher cornering speeds
  • Recessed roof to channel the airflow and to create greatly improved structural stability thanks to static reinforcement
  • Reinforcement ribs on the trunk
  • Structured rear end for anti-tuck capabilities
  • Large wheel arches allow the body to be placed 4mm front or back (8mm in total)
  • Large wheel arches ensure the tires will not rub in whatever position
  • Anti-tuck capabilities with structured side skirts
  • Static reinforcement on the hood. Especially useful when running the ultra lightweight variant
  • 0.5mm ultralight body weighs in at about 55g cut & including wing
  • ZOOlite 0.7mm standard body weighs in at about 75g cut & including wing
  • Detailed decal sheet
  • 2-step window masks
  • Wing mounting hardware
  • 100mm grid on the rear truck lid for easy and convenient body mounting
  • Designed to meed GBS rules
  • EFRA approved



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