VBC Ghost EVO Carbon 1:10 Scale Spec Touring Car

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VBC Ghost EVO Carbon 1:10 Scale Spec Touring Car

With the racing heritage of the original VBC Racing Ghost.  The VBC Racing Ghost EVO Carbon is an all new racing platform with innovative design to boost the performance to the next level.  Yet, available at a very affordable price.

This is a great beginner car if you are interested in starting 1:10 touring racing. We are ready to support you finding suitable ESC and motor to reasonable prices to get you started. If you are interested in a package price, please contact us and we will set up an offer to you for a compleet package making you ready for the TRACK.

You can reach us on pos@rcmaritimenorway.no. We are looking forward to hear from you.

How to build your car? – You can below follow 2 videos (step 1 and step 2) to get the needed support. Be aware that the building instructions is based on the non carbon version, but all principals are still the same.


  1. Completely redesigned from existing Ghost
  2. Full Ball Bearings
  3. Fully Upgradable
  4. All Aluminium Parts in 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminium
  5. Full Carbon Fiber Chassis, Upper Deck and Shock Towers
  6. Composite Fiber A-arms, Steering hubs and blocks
  7. Floating Servo Mount
  8. Long travel Aluminum Alloy race shocks
  9. Aluminum alloy turnbuckles
  10. Fully adjustable racing suspension system
  11. Low friction light oil filled bearing with rubber seal
  12. Low friction belt system with ball raced belt tensioner
  13. Ball raced steering system with high impact steering arm and aluminum alloy steering bridge

If you want to upgrade your VBC Ghost EVO to the RM version, you should consider this parts:

  • B-02-G-40362         GhostEVO Camber Link Adjuster                                   
  • D-05-VBC-0055       VBC Racing Two-Piece Joint Drive Axle Set           
  • D-05-VBC-0065       Center Suspension Mount (X/Y-C05)                 
  • B-02-VBC-0062       Center Suspension Mount (C0)                      
  • D-05-VBC-0033       WildFire Center Suspension Shim (1mm, 0.5mm)        
  • B-02-VBC-0096       Titanium Coated Upright Shaft                              
  • B-02-VBC-0098       Titanium Coated Suspension Arm Pin                   
  • B-02-VBC-3031       Titanium Coated Shock Shaft for TBB Shocks
  • A-03-VBC-0077       Shaft End Shoe (Self Lubricating)
  • B-02-VBC-0095       Titanium Coated Center Shaft Pin

Below some pictures of the available upgrade parts to reach an RM version (those are not included in the kit and needs to be order seperatly – see the list above):

Setup support:

Below you will find relevant information to set up your car

Rear Suspention Mount Chart:

Suspension Mount Part List:

E10 – Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0061-10
E15 – Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0061-15
E20 – Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0061-20
E25 – Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0061-25
E30 – Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0061-30

C00 – Center Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0062
C05 – Center Suspension Mount D-05-VBC-0065
C10 – Center Suspension Mount D-05-VBC-0061
C15 – Center Suspension Mount D-05-VBC-0068

Front Suspension Mount Chart:

Suspension Mount Part List:

E10 – Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0061-10
E15 – Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0061-15
F00 – Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0060-00
F05 – Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0060-05
F10 – Suspension Mount B-02-VBC-0060-10

XC05 – Split Suspension Mount B-02-G-30160
YC05 – Split Suspension Mount B-02-G-30161
XC10 – Split Suspension Mount B-02-G-30162
YC10 – Split Suspension Mount B-02-G-30163
XC15 – Split Suspension Mount B-02-G-30164
YC15 – Split Suspension Mount B-02-G-30165





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