Yokomo – YD-2SXIII Chassis kit (Black)

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Yokomo – YD-2SXIII Chassis kit (Black)

SX Upgraded to double deck specifications!

The SX series, which enhances traction with a high mount motor, has been redesigned to double deck specifications! Corresponding to high speed driving with a significant improvement in pitching rigidity, quick handling and sharp turning has evolved even further. The front bulkhead is fully loaded with optional parts, such as a one-piece aluminum body, and this is already a competitive kit that responds quickly to severe steering operations.

High-quality finish with plenty of aluminum parts. A highly rigid integral bulkhead improves stability. The shocks are equipped with an aluminum super low friction shock.

Graphite upper deck with significantly improved pitching rigidity. The steering system is a highly evaluated slide rack specification, which draws out neutral characteristics throughout the range of motion.

The newly designed battery holder is designed for low-height batteries. Two types of battery holders are included, and standard size batteries can also be installed.

The rear side inherits the SX series, and the motor mount also comes with a special type of heat sink shape. The motor is rotated in 7 steps around the spur gear shaft, allowing fine adjustment of the weight balance.


  • NEW Aluminum integrated front bulkhead
  • NEW graphite main chassis
  • Graphite upper deck
  • NEW Φ4.8mm Pillow ball specifications (upper arm, tie rod, king pin ball)
  • Standard short Li-po compatible battery holder (New shape)
  • Passionate red anodized parts are compare to none. Of course it has been sharply finished with bell edge treatment.
  • Red anodized parts are perfectly limited specifications that do not sell spare parts.

The YD-2SXIII, the popular chassis for its overwhelming running performance and luxurious looks, has now added a red version and a purple version to the standard lineup now! Based on the highly versatile center of gravity position of the high mount mid motor, the rigidity balance of double deck chassis is fused, and even the standard specifications of the kit would respond to the requirements of expert drivers. Of course, if you customize the chassis with variety of optional parts, you will be able to set up according to the road surface conditions. With a wide variety of machine make-up, the depth of the bosom that can be used on any road surface is one of the attractive part in this chassis.


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