Team Powers – Radon PRO V4.1 (200A) (2s) Speed Control (included USB device)

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Team Powers – Radon PRO V4.1 (200A) 2s Speed Control (included USB device)


  • Ultra-smooth, Precise Throttle and Braking Control
  • Compatible with Sensored/Sensorless Brushless Motors
  • Data Analysis Capability(RPM, Low voltage and ESC temperature)
  • HotWire PC Interface for Advanced Programming and Updating
  • Easily Programming through the Program card(not included in the package)
  • Built-in one touch On/Off switch with LED
  • Bulit-in Low voltage cut-off, Overheat protection and signal loss protection


  • Limit edition casing with Metallic golden color in open line area
  • With more open line areas on casing to dissipate more heat out in term to lower the speed control temperature
  • Remove the fan mount step with the casing only has 15.5mm flat in height which is 1.5mm to lower the center of gravity
  • Some internal components upgraded to improve the reliability


  • With Limit Power and Limit Power Range two function added to control the initial power within a throttle range to adapt different traction condition
  • The throttle frequency can support 32KHZ with better linearity


  • Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse
  • Input Voltage: 2S-3S lipo
  • BEC: 6V/7.4V selection/max ~5A
  • Motor Limit: 4.0T or over
  • Max current: ~200A per phase
  • Size: ~38x30x15.6mm
  • Weight: ~37g (not include wiring and fan)




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