MobGums (R228) – 1:12 Rear (Brown)

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For Oily Conditions!

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MobGums – 1:12 Rear (Brown) – MOBR228

(Gives you a bit more rear grip that the white for ETS carpet).

MobGums tires where established in 2008 and quickly spread in the Race Market. Within in short time the brand won numoerous titles all over Europe and even in the US it dominated the competition at the Snowbird Nationals in 2012.

Drivers like Jilles Groskamp, Alex Hagberg, Joho Levanen, Markus Mobers, Vesa Yli and Jan Asmer uses or used this product with great sucess.

The tire is also current European Champion in 1:12 Stock in 2014, European Vice-Champion in Modified 1:12 the same year, and as well German and Frenche 1:12 Champions the same year.

Why is MobGums the best choice:

From now, all new MobGums follows the DISHERS line. This new genuin wheels and rubber compounds have been tested for over one year in a very intensive way. The prototypes of these new tires have been used at the Snowbirds, German Nationals and of course at the EFRA European Championship 2014 with great success!

The wheels is a full disk wheel front and rear. To avoid weight the choise have been Nylon as material, which is light and strong in a great combination. The wheel design makes it almost unbreakable in combination with low rotation mass.

Regarding the rubber compounds, the findings is that Pink, Magenta and Orange (lilac) is the best choise at front for any carpet. When chosing the rear compound is slightly different. Rear Pink or Magenta is a great allround choice everywhere for sure, especially for club racing/racers. But, there is also some new compounds in the rear tires range that allow more fine tuning. Gold and Silver are compounds that works perfectly on high traction tracks. Gold is slightly softer than silver. For low traction, fuzzy carpet or oily track conditions – Brown and Black rears are the way to go! Brown is slightly softer than black.


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