HURRICANE – RTS – 1000mm w/2.4Ghz Radio (1M Class Racing Yacht)

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Hurricane 2.4Ghz (RTS)- 1 Meter Class – Sailboat

F5-E Professional Level scale sailing yacht kits. Produced according to The Competition Rule of NAVIGA 88 strictly. NAVIGA: World Organization for Model ship building and Model ship sport 

You get a huge fiber glass RC Sailboat that is ready to take on anyone in the fleet and is ideally suited for DIY modification if you are that way inclined. Being one of the larger RC Sailboats available, the Hurricane 1000 is more suited to intermediate skippers however anyone with a bit of patience can pick it up quickly. The Hurricane 1000 RC Sailboat looks great in and out of the water and comes 95% factory assembled so there is little to do out of the box before you are ready to sail.  

Hurricane 1000 2,4Ghz is an high quality sailboat in the 1M – class. Measures 1000mm. The boats sail surface measures above half a square meeter and the boats total hight is 2.1m. In addition, this is a very buitifull boat and the hull is developed of high quality fiberglass.

Hurricane 1000 2,4Ghz is equiped with a 2,4Ghz radiotransmitter and receiver system that reduces the possebility for interference. 

The boat is delivered with all needed equipment to just take it out of the box, put it together and start your journey on the water.

The Kit Includes:

  1. The fiberglass Hull assembly including all bits and deck details.
  2. Extruded aluminum Boom and mast assembly
  3. Main and jib sail assembly
  4. Display stand – Stand assembly
  5. Keel and ballast assembly
  6. Winch and rudder servos are included
  7. Battery brackets and switch.
  8. Sails in TerylenesSassss 


  • Hull – FRP
  • Rudder – FRP
  • Pre-installed rudder servo
  • Mast made of aluminium alloy  


  • Ready to Sail (RTS) – JA
  • Length: 1000mm
  • Hight: 2150mm
  • Keel hight: 2800mm – Alu FRP
  • Radiotransmitter: 2.4Ghz system – 4 channel
  • Hull material: Fiberglass
  • Sails: 0.52m2
  • Run weight: 3600g
  • Wide: 200mm
  • Iron ballast weight: 1400g
  • Servo: Rudder: 36g servo
  • Servo: 11kg digital winch servo


  • Receiver battery
  • Charger


HURRICANE 1000-1M class hull.

Length: 1000mm
Width: 200mm
Height: 2150mm
Sail area: 0.52 sqm
Radio requirement: 2-3 channel receiver

Kit includes:

1) The fiberglass Hull assembly including all bits and deck details.
2) Extruded aluminum Boom and mast assembly
3) main and jib sail assembly
4) Stand assembly
5) keel and ballast assembly
6) Winch and rudder servos are included
7) Battery brackets and switch. 


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