HARD – Radio Transport Bag

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Fits all popular brands!

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HARD – Radio Transport Bag – for all popular Radio Brands!

Radios used in our hobby have become very sophisticated units over the last few years and they are also one of the most
expensive pieces of equipment we buy four our RC cars. We always have the radio with us when we go to drive our cars,
whether to the track or the local park or field, otherwise we cannot run our cars For many the radio is just the in a bag
together with the other equipment but without appropriate protection. In these conditions the radio easily get scratched and damaged, and being the sensitive electronic controlling unit that it is, it also risks geting damaged more seriously.

The new HARD Transmiter Bag will protect your expensive radio in the best possible way, due to a very well thought out design together with the best protection materials. It’s a very compact bag though making sure it will be easy to carry with
you. Even better yet, the HARD Transmitter Bag has the looks to go with the functionality.


• Elegant Design
• Highest Quality Materials
• Comfortable
• Compact and Practical
• Two-way Zipper
• Adjustable Straps


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