Battery – Racing Strapping tape (50m x 17mm) – Orange

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Polymer fiber for maximum chassis flexibility!

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Battery – Strapping tape (50m x 17mm) – Orange

Thin, narrow, extra-high-strength fibre-reinforced tape for securing batteries in the chassis of electric touring cars. Eliminates the need for fixed battery brace systems reducing weight. Extra long 50m length. Features a purple stylish finish.

This special and unique tape is not widely available on the public market and as such is a hot item to have for any serious racer.

This is a Racing Battery Tape for the choosiest drivers that absolutely wants the best achievements out of each run.
If you compare this tape with e.g. the Hudy fiber glass tape, the material of this tape consist of polymer fiber that are more stretchable that won’t ruin your chassis flexibility.

Be aware that you might change the tape a little more often to get the above great flexibility and maximum chassis flexibility during race.

When you do not uses the tape, please remember to fold 5mm from the tip of the tape to make it easier to relieve from the roll. This to avoid that the polymer layer split from the top layer.


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