Arrow Shark – SR512 Stingray Drive (1stk)

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Arrow Shark – SR512 Stingray Drive (1stk) 

The new products just keep coming from the research and development team at Arrow Shark!

This time we are very proud to introduce the latest stinger drive unit-the SR512 Stingray. Designed for industry-standard 1/4 inch shafts, the Stingray is CNC-machined from aircraft-quality alloys with a stainless steel barrel that screws in and out for simplified flex shaft maintenance.

At the front of the drive is a removable housing for a 9mm stuffing tube, whilst another benefit is the included prop shaft that accepts the squared end of a 1/4 inch flex shaft. As the prop shaft is "captive" within the barrel, this design approach means you will never again lose a prop should your flex shaft break. The easily removable barrel also allows quick and easy access to the flex shaft for cleaning and lubrication.

A key feature of the clever SR512 Stingray is that it enables both up-and-down and side-to-side adjustment of the prop shaft angle, and so of the angle for prop thrust. This gives you unparalleled ability to tune your boat for optimum performance, with control over both the ride angle of the hull and of directional trim-which is especially useful when counter-acting the higher torque effect of today's more powerful engines, such as the Arrow Shark XP254M. Different props create varying torque effects too, and now it's easy with the SR512 to adjust the required side-thrust angle for the best results with any particular prop. The Stingray is visually appealing as well with a stylish elegance that will look great on the transom of your latest aquatic masterpiece.

Arrow Shark's SR512 Stingray Drive is constructed with CNC precision-machined parts in aircraft-quality alloy and stainless steel.

 The SR512 Stingray Drive is equipped with a SS-machined barrel and fitted with triple inline internal bushes plus twin copper washers for smooth running and minimum friction.

 The triple security lock design for side-to-side adjustment will firmly hold your required lateral prop thrust angle, and it also enables up/down thrust angle adjustment with 8mm of travel. 

The Stingray's barrel features a screw in/out design for easy removal, and that allows quick and easy
access to the flex shaft for cleaning and lubrication.

A new design makes the prop shaft thread long enough to accommodate props with hubs from 20 to 34mm long.It also comes with a lock nut, plus a streamlined prop nut, to secure your prop.

 The removable stuffing tube housing is designed to firmly hold a 9mm diameter stuffing tube.

As well as enhancing performance, the SR512 Stingray Drive adds visual appeal to your boat's transom-and it looks even better when combined with our scale trim tabs and polished prop.


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