Arrow Shark Scale Twin-Ram Trim Tabs (Black)

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Arrow Shark Scale Twin-Ram Trim Tabs (Black) 

Setting a new high standard for scale fidelity matched with effective operation, Arrow Shark has introduced these stunning replicas of the trim tabs used on full size offshore race boats. With fine detail machining and simulated dual hydraulic rams that control the angle of the tab plates, these units are easy to install and just as easy to manually adjust for fine tuning the ride angle of your boat.

On larger hulls, dual tabs can be fitted on either side of the transom for even more effective control surface area. Tuning the ride angle of your boat can improve performance in rough waters or can reduce drag for faster speeds in calm conditions; deflecting the tab on just one side of your boat can also help offset the effects of engine and prop torque for more level, and so more efficient, running.
The Scale Twin-Ram Trim Tabs will look even better on your boat if you use it combined with newly released drive system! 


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