Arrow Shark – Billet M8 Stern Drive (Red)

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Arrow Shark – Billet M8 Stern Drive (Brilliant Red)

Arrow Shark Hobby is especially proud to announce the release of our new 2016 billet M8-Classic Version steerable stern drive. Following on from our highly successful M8 drive which released on year 2013, this latest design features new metallurgy and even more precise machining for internal strength and reliability along with a superb external finish that will add both eye-appeal and performance to your boat.

Up to max 30.000 RPM 

The M8-Classic Version is a near-scale version of the trophy-winning full size Mercury Racing M8 drive that has achieved domination in the unforgiving world of offshore racing. Also matching its full size equivalent, the Arrow Shark M8 can handle left or right hand rotation props and is ideally suited to twin installations for ultimate performance.

With strengthened gear-sets in advanced alloys, the M8 can take engines rated up to 10hp. Add your choice of red or black anodizing for the upper units over a shining silver lower unit, and the M8 is an irresistible choice to enhance the transom of your next boat.

As little earlier, we have also released the M8 II- Collector Edition, the reason we continue making the M8-Classics veresion, it is because the mounting space from the M8-Classic version is smaller compare to the M8 II-Collector Edition, Therefore, the M8-Classic Version will be more suitable for the scale catamaran hull application while the both version are good for the mono hull application. however, the M8 II looks more scale on Mono application due to the scale looking steering design, but, the M8-Classic version has better price.


The product will be send directly to you from Arrow Shark. If you live outside Norway, you will pay the amount shown reduced for tax (25%) and pay your local tax in your home country. If you live in Norway, you pay tax to us and if you need to pay tax receiveing the product from Arrow Shark, you show us the receipt and we send you the refund.

The design for gear installation on the hardened shaft enables the gears to be easily installed without them having too loose a tolerance whi

The Arrow Shark M8 -Classics steerable drive was inspired by the latest full-size Mercury Racing Dry-Sump M8 Drive. This is used by the very top offshore racing teams and has built a reputation for bullet-proof operation under the most extreme conditions. That reputation is one we aim to reproduce with our near-scale version for gas-powered RC boats.


The Arrow Shark M8-Classics drive is precision-engineered with CNC-machined components that are anodized in brilliant red or jet black with shining silver for the lower unit gear casing and skeg.  


The lower unit is machined from 7075 aluminum alloy for durable performance. More than six hours CNC-machining is required to achieve the close-tolerance internal specification and the visually superb external finish. 

The M8-Classics gear set is not machined from just standard hardened alloy, but from alloys made with a compacting process of powder metallurgy; this is the same technology used for gears in full size automotive transmissions.

The gears have thicker and stronger teeth designed to permit engines up to 10hp to be used for blistering speeds. As well, the gear design allows for counter-rotation when you go for the ultimate and fit twin M8 drives on your boat.


The M8-Classic Version has been designed for an air tight seal to prevent any possibility of oil leaking out or of water getting into the drive. It has a total of nine ball-bearings plus one thrust-bearing to provide the best possible support for the drive shafts. This results in ultra smooth operation and negligible power loss through the drive train. 

The M8 has an exclusive design for the stainless steel prop shaft barrel which enables it to be screwed in and out for easy removal and maintenance.  

Neither the M8-Classic gears nor shafts are machined from just standard hardened alloys. The gears use alloys made with a compacting process of powder metallurgy – the same technology used for gears in full size automotive transmissions. The drive shafts are machined from the same spring steel that we use to make our robust clutch shoes ?? and then hardened.
The gear sets have thicker and stronger teeth designed for precise engagement to accommodate up to 10 hp or 25,000+ rpm. The gear design allows counter-rotation for virtually zero torque and blistering performance when you take the ultimate approach and fit twin M8-Classic drives on your boat!

The newly designed M8-Classic back cover allows a 9mm stuffing tube to be easily inserted until it neatly sits against the front of the in-built bearing; the latter then helps protect your flex shaft from wearing when turning the M8 to steer your boat. 


The upper casing design of the M8-Classics makes it easy to fit a tie-bar for twin installations; a matching tie-bar can be purchased separately from our website.

The upper section of the M8-Classics has an inlet for easy oil-refilling to lubricate the upper gears; when not in use, the inlet is sealed with an M5 hex nut.



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