ARC – R12 Touring Competition Car 1:10

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ARC – R12 Touring Competition Car 1:10

ARC started the R12 1/10 competition TC project with 3 main concepts, they wanted to maximize the mechanical traction, centralized the transmission, and lower the overall center gravity. After long term tests and development now the R12 is finally ready for market (available in Norway approx mid May). Below you find an overview ot the R12 main features.

  • ALL-NEW SUSPENSION ARMS – new long front and rear suspension arms improve overall traction and corner speed with 2 different shock mounting position.
  • ALL-NEW SUSPENSION BLOCKS – new narrow lightweight suspension blocks for the long suspension arm mounting improve overall traction and corner speed.
  • ALL-NEW UPPER DECK – new 2-piece mirrored upper deck with independent front and rear flex adjustment.
  • ALL-NEW DRIVETRAIN PULLEY – new design front pulley, mid pulley and gear diff provide a centralized pulley system to increase stability and handling.
  • ALL-NEW MOTOR BULKHEAD – new 1-piece easy flex adjustment and lightweight motor bulkhead design.
  • ALL-NEW SPUR ADAPTOR – new quick change spur adaptor using 3 screws to replace spur gears.
  • ALL-NEW CHASSIS – new optimized flex design with both mounting of long and standard suspension arms and blocks to fine tune suspension geometry.
  • ALL-NEW ANTI-ROLL BAR – new low front and rear anti-roll bars system to lower the center of gravity.
  • ALL-NEW BULKHEADS – new easy adjustment front and rear camber link length and height by adding and removing shims on upper bulkhead.
  • ALL-NEW SHOCK TOWERS – new rear shock tower designed to mount both standard and horizontal body post with height adjustable.



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Product files

  1. R12 Instruction Manual (pdf)
  2. R12 Setupsheet Default (pdf)
  3. R12 Setupsheet Editable (pdf)