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Electric Brushless Water Pump

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  • Kr 199,00



    MINI - DC Brushless water pump

    This product is a “must have” for you as driver of electrical RC Boats. It's important to be aware of the increased temperature that hits your electrical devices in your boat when you slow down and the cooling water stop circulation to your motor and ESC. This phase of the run is the most dangerous phase related to overheating of your electrical devices.

    The heat of your ESC and motor is normally held low during the run, but when you stop the run there is an immediate need to continue the cooling of your ESC and motor. This pump secures circulation also in the end phase of each run where the temperature normally hits the highest.


    This is an investment gives you an insurance against the danger for overheating.


     The specification above tels you that it will work in the range from 4.5Volt to 12Volt. It also tells you that it moves from 100 to 240 liters per hour.