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Flysky 2.4G 3 Channel Receiver

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  • Kr 169,00


    Flysky 2.4G 3 Channel Receiver 


    • Channel: 3 channels
    • High Frequency Mode:  2.4G
    • High Frequency Modulation Mode:  GFSK
    • Frequency:  2.4G
    • Power:  5V DC (1.5V AAA*4 battery)
    • Weight:  25g
    • Antenna Length: 26mm
     Instruction for Frequency Matching:
    1. Turn off the transmitter and receiver.
    2. Connect the frequency matching wire to CH 3 on receiver, then turn on the receiver, the receiver light will flash quickly.
    3. Press the “blind” button on transmitter, and then turn on the transmitter power.
    4. When the receiver light stops flashing, it means your frequency matching is successful.
    5. Turn off the receiver power, then connect the frequency matching wire on CH3.
    6. Turn off the transmitter;
    7. Turn on the transmitter and receiver again, and you can use the receiver now.