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G/Flex - Special epoxy fra West System
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  • Kr 429,00



    G/Flex Special Epoxy from West System 

    All purpose use. You can glue almost "everything": wood, steel, aluminium, plastic, fiberglass, glass, ceramics, copper, bronze, lead, PVC, masonry etc.

    A fantastic glue with exelent quality on the following areas:

    • Sticks to all surfaces
    • Elastic - made for flexibility and vibrations
    • You can glue weet wood
    • Extrem strong - can be used to structual glue works
    • Waterproof - permanently waterproof  
    • Easy to use
    • Can be deliverd in thin and thik version and in fix set with needed assessories.

    Manual for use follows the package. It also includes a CD with relevant information.