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Lift-n-Lok Tool Box
Extreem practical box - Keeps everything where it should be

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    LIFT-n-LOK - All these unique features

    LIFT-n-LOK is not like your granddad's tool or tackle box, its patented fastening system is totally unique. LIFT-n-LOK has the only AUTOMATIC self fastening mechanism which also closes the clearance gaps between the drawers so there is no mixture between compartments - LIFT-n-LOK is not a relic from the past so please familiarize yourself with the system by viewing the video demonstrations; only then will you see why our customers say that it's the simplest, fastest and most convenient fastening system yet invented.
    • No mixing between drawer compartments: the drawer clearance closes automatically when fastened which means that small items cannot jam drawer runners - everything stays in place.

    • The quickest and easiest fastening / unfastening system on the market for a system with drawers and a storage bin.

    • Automatically fastens so it cannot be picked up by the handle without fastening the drawers and lid.

    • The system system is extremely strong because it does not rely on the use of fragile catches, latches or flaps to fasten the drawers or under-lid tool bin.

    •  Easy to operate even when wearing gloves or with cold fingers.

    How it works

    The cam attached to the ends of the handle lifts the drawers as the handle is raised

    This closes the clearance gap between the drawers and interlocks them with the carcase; it also fastenes the lid. The handle can then be moved to the forward position for storage.

    The system ensures that no extra effort is required above that needed to lift the unit.