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SparMax AC-101E - Airbrush Compressor - 14-18LPM 60PSI

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    SparMax AC-101E - Airbrush Compressor - 14-18LPM 60PSI 

    Product description

    The sturdy AC-101E model has an effective heat-dissipating cylinder head and functional grip-handle allowing for efficient operation and transport. Add on the bundled attachable bleed valve and SilverBullet moisture trap for controls right at your fingertips, and you have the makings of a compressor set suitable for all airbrush enthusiasts. Also introducing the Auto On/Off switch in the Achieve series, a function that will increase your compressor's efficiency.

    • Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
    • 2M braided hose
    • Built-in pressure gauge 
    • Auto On/Off Switch of 40 psi/60 psi
    • With light weight airbrush bleed valve
    • With SilverBullet airbrush moisture trap 
    • Suitable for general arts, hobby, makeup, nail art, body art & temporary body tattoo

    Product detail

    • Airflow: 14-18 lpm
    • Weight: 3.2 kgs/7 lbs
    • Size: L24 x W14.5 x H17 cm