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Ariane Racing Boat - 930mm (Inkl. Motor og ESC)
Racing Boat - Solid with 3 layers of fiberglass!

  • Utsolgt - Under bestilling!
  • Kr 6 899,00


    Ariane - Racing Boat 32" (930mm)

    This is a very good boat and made by 3 layers of fiberglass. An excelent staringpoint and as well a boat with lot of potensial if you later would like to increase the power by changing motor and ESC (Electronic speed controller).

    We have several customers that have bought this boat with excelent feedback. The boat can also be delivers as hull with hardware.
    If this is somthing you consider, please contact us for price information.


    • Length: 930mm
    • Wide: 360mm
    • Highth: 160mm
    • Weight: 1100 to 1200g
    • Hull: 3 layers fiberglass - V bunn
    • Speed: 55-60km/t - "out of the box"


    • CNC strut, rudder and stabilizers
    • Motor: Børsteløs 3674 - vann avkjølt
    • ESC: 120A
    • Radio transmidder and receiver: 2.4G

    In addition you need: - (not included, ask for an offer):

    • Charger
    • Servo - for the rudder
    • Lipo Batteries (recomended): Lipo 11.1V (3 seller) - from 4000mAh and upwards
    • Radio Tranmitter/Receiver