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Yokomo YZ-4 "Europe edition"

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  • Kr 4 750,00
    Kr 3 000,00


    Yokomo YZ-4 "Europe edition"  -       -

    If you are interested in a package deal that also includes motor and ESC from G-Force, send me an mail and we will make you an offer for the complete package. We can as well include the SilverBack short pack into your offer, if that is interesting. All other products that we have in our store, you might as well include for the most beneficial offer possible.

    Special “Europe version“ included:

    • Graphite front shocktower (Z4-017F) - Value: 190,- NOK
    • Graphiterearshocktower (Z4-018) - Value: 248,- NOK
    • Front and rear stabilizer set (Z4-412) - Value:  248,- NOK

    Designed by Shin Adachi the car features a totally new drivetrain layout with dual 2WD-style 3-gear transmissions on ether end which are coupled by dual drivebelts to replace the shaft drivetrain of the proven yet slightly ageing B-Max4 car. The setup allows to use very small gear differentials without having to worry skipping belts while the overall design also results in an easier to drive and less edgy car.

    The mid motor buggy is based off of an aluminium main chassis plate with reduced overhang and it accepts a wide range of battery configurations including a transversally mounted shorty as well as saddle packs in both orientations. The top deck will allow for different chassis flex configurations as seen on electric touring cars. Different from the works cars the Yokomo team is running at the Worlds this week the standard kit will come with a range of composite parts such as front and rear shock towers, rear suspension mounts, and servo mounts. Also included in the kit are steel turnbuckles with the carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium option parts will becoming available in time for the release of the kit some time in November.


    • Plastic Front & RearShock Tower
    • Plastic Bell Crank and Center Link
    • Plastic Front UpperArm Mount L/R
    • Plastic Front Pulley (withClicker type Oneway)
    • PlasticRear Drive Pulley (Wide type)
    • PlasticServo Mount
    • PlasticSteering Hub Carrier
    • PlasticRear Hub Carrier
    • PlasticRearSuspension Mount
    • Front Suspension Arm (Flat type)
    • Aluminum Motor Mount (Black Anodized)
    • Aluminum Center Mount (Black Anodized)
    • Hard Anodized Main Chassis
    • Aluminum Front Suspension Mount (Black and Silver cut)
    • Aluminum Front Brace(Black and Silver cut)
    • AluminumBeltTensioner Mount (Black and Silver cut)
    • AluminumBatteryHolderNut (Black and Silver Cut)
    • Wide Type RearBelt
    • Steel Main Shaft
    • CarbonGraphiteSteering Plate
    • CarbonGraphiteUpperDeck
    • CarbonGraphiteBattery Plate
    • GearDifferential (SteedBevelGear/Oil type)
    • Big Bore Type“X33”Shock (YZ-2 spec)
    • AllRoundSeriesShockSpring
    • Cab Forward New Body
    • GokurakuOffRoadWing (Narrow)
    • Full Ball Bearing
    • “C-clip”Universal Shaft
    • AluminumHex Wheel Hub
    • Steel Turn Buckle
    • PinionGear 

    Parts included - total value = 686,-