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Zippkits - JAE 12G4 Outrigger Hydro

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    Zippkits - JAE 12G4 Outrigger Hydro

    This is the newest version of the JAE 12G.

    Lots of small changes make building even easier.

    The JAE outrigger series were designed by IMPBA Hall Of Fame member Rod Geraghty, with David Hall, Ron Zaker Jr. and Martin Truex Jr.

    These boats are the current state of the art in leading edge model boat racing and the JAE boats hold many world speed records.

    The JAE design features advances in low hydrodynamic drag such as anti-capillary and water shearing ride surfaces, causing these hulls to literally fly just above the water surface. In fact, when you look at videos and pictures of these boats running fast,
    you can see daylight under the boat, even at 139 mph!

    Assembly of the 12G4 is straightforward and simple, thanks to our world famous instruction manual.

    This kit contains the following:

    JAE 12G4 Specifications:

    • Length- 24 inches
    • Beam- 16 inches
    • Weight- 2 pounds, race ready

    You need:

    • Engine- .12, .15, .18 Air or Water cooled Nitro
    • Radio- 2 channel
    • Servos
    You can use ANY 12,15 or 18 (small block) engine! Air cooled OR water cooled!

    Pull the engine out of your truggy and bolt it in! With our new mounts, you can put any pull start, zip start, Tiger drive or belt start engine in place.


    • Engine
    • Radio
    • Running Hardware
    • Glue, Paint, etc
    • Assembly
    We have an ultimate hardware set that includes everything but engine and radio.