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Silicone Water Tube (60 shore) Yellow - RCMN 5mm - (1 meter)
Silicone tube with RCMN print!

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    Silicone Water Tube YELLOW with BLACK RC Maritime Norway print - (1 meter)

    • Inner diameter: 5mm
    • Outer diameter: 8mm
    • Flexibility (shore): 60

    mming a fast gas boat to run straight can be a frustrating process as you balance the effects of engine and prop torque and the positioning of transom hardware. Consideration has to be given as well to the inter-action caused by the relationship of the prop and rudder to both each other and to the back of the boat. Once you've mounted all your hardware on the transom, the best way to tune for straight running is to adjust the position of the rudder relative to the prop. Whilst having the front of the rudder blade in line with the trailing edge of the prop is a good place to start, boats react differently and using different length rudder brackets can overcome even serious tendencies by prop torque to veer your boat to the right.
    Until now, changing the length of your rudder bracket to obtain the best result meant unbolting and re-bolting different brackets-assuming you had them available. But with Arrow Shark's 2012 X-Pilot Fully Extendable Rudder, you can quickly and easily vary the distance of the rudder from the transom between 148 and 211mm (5.8" to 8.3") and so adjust its relationship to the prop.
    As well, the extendable bracket arm can be removed altogether so that the rudder can be positioned close behind the transom for boat such as hydros and outriggers. What used to be a hassle acquiring and changing various length rudder brackets is now extremely simple-and the rudder position is infinitely variable, not just limited to specific lengths of rudder bracket.
    Another beneficial feature is the way we have designed dual water-inlets on both sides of the rudder blade, a total of four inlet channels. So, no matter which way the rudder is angled, a clear flow of water is directed to the twin outlets at the top of the blade. We have also designed the bottom of the blade with a flat section to reduce lift and drag.
    For better directional control, improved straight line running and enhanced cooling, you won't find a better rudder on the market today than the Arrow Shark X-Pilot Fully Extendable Rudder!