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F3 Powerboat - 24"

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  • Kr 2 945,00


    F3 Powerboat - 24"

    The F3 is a fun racingboat with outboard motor. This is fun to race but a little experience is good. The boats turs verry well and the boat will with standard setup reach 45 km/t.

    The boat is compleet with radio controll, but you need batteries and charger in addition. The boat is ready to run in just some few minutes.


    • Lenght: 615mm
    • Beam: 295mm
    • Hight: 150mm
    • Weight: 1380g
    • Hull type: Fiberglass formula 3
    • Motor: 2815 - 3000KV (Water cooled)
    • ESC: 70Amp
    • Propell: 2 blades aluprop
    • Radio: 2.4Ghz transmitter and receiver

    You need in addition:

    • Lipo battery on 11.1V, 3 sells from 3000mAh and up to 4500
    • Charger
    • AA batteries to the radiotransmitter
    See below to identify chager and lipo battery.