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Failsafe - Etronix
Protect your equipment from dangerous runaway

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  • Kr 179,00


    Failsafe Unit - Etronix

    Protect your boat, car or truck from dangerous runaway conditions with this Failsafe unit!

    Should your radio fail, receiver battery run dead, the Etronix micro failsafe unit will automatically return your throttle servo back to the tick over position avoiding possible engine and vehicle damage. 

    Simply plug it in between your throttle servo and receiver for instant protection, just in case your receiver battery runs low or you lose radio signal while out on the track or on open water.

    Press the button on the failsafe to select the throttle position (neutral or partial brake is recommended) and you''ll be able to drive in confidence, knowing your vehicle and spectators will be OK in the event of radio or electrical problems. This is the ideal add-on accessory for anyone not using a 2.4GHz radio with built-in failsafe technology.

    Save your boat, car or truck, install the Failsafe!