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Caudwell Racing F1 - Tunnel Racing Boat - RTR - 750mm

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    Caudwell F1 Racing - Tunnel Boat - RTR - 750mm

    This is a new Tunnel Boat from TFL. The information we have are limited at the moment, but we will update with more relevant information as soon as possible.


    • Length: 750mm
    • Beam: 290mm
    • Height: 160mm
    • Weight (Hull): 1220g
    • Hull: Fiberglass F1
    • Driveline: Solid
    • Motor: Watercooled - 2960 (1900kv)
    • ESC: Watercooled - 70amp
    • Prop: 2 blade
    • Suggested battery: 11.1 (3 cells)

    Not included: 

    • Charger and batteries: Lipo 11.1V
    • Receiver and transponder batteries

    The Racing Model in action

    (be aware that the motor and ESC included is changes since this test wideo was made - See the specifications above)


    Also take a look at the "big ones" 1:1 format and get to know how this boat functions as F1 racing boat: